When you want to be known.

We crave being known.

And to this end we will give away precious things to achieve it. But it's not necessary.

Your name was known to the Creator before the world was set on its axis. You need not fear being unknown.

Click on the pic below to read my latest post over at MoreToBe.com about being More Than a Name.

Has your Spirit taken a beating?

We've all been there haven't we? 

We've waited for answers, but none come. We've asked for relief, but there is nothing. We're weary in both body & soul and we long for the Father to take his holy eraser and remove our pain. We all know what it means to walk but be broken in spirit.

Recently, I shared our story of brokenness over at the More to Be blog where I'm a contributing writer. I'm praying our daughter's insight to showing up broken will give your strength as you grapple with your own. Click the image below to read the full article. 

(All information shared was read and approved by our daughter before being submitted for public viewing.)