You should know I love Jesus.

Seriously, I love Jesus.

And I want everything in my life to start and end with that.


I am also a writer of words.  These words usually come together to form thoughts about Jesus, God and the love they have for me & you.  I’m sure that comes as no great surprise. 

I am a recovering people pleaser and KIA, which according to my middle daughter means know it all, just in case you didn't know.  I have decided I know so very little about anything in this life except God.   And you can sum up what I know for sure about him quite quickly.  He loves me.  He loves you.  The rest I’m still figuring out.  You are welcome to join me in that journey. 

I am a wife to a husband who has loved me with a steadfastness that I do not deserve.  Plus, he has a beard, so there’s that.

I have four living children and one that has gone on before me.

I am a lover of food and people, not necessarily in that order.  Unless it’s chocolate pie then all bets are off.  Pie always wins.  Sorry people.

I am a fierce protector of childhood and a voracious reader.  Every kid deserves a family and a bookshelf of their own.

My day job is being a pharmacist to some of the best folks I know in the small town that raised me.  Every day I get to take care of the same people who taught me long division and helped me fill out my high school class schedule forms.  I'd say that's a pretty good gig. 

I am a believer of the truth even when it hurts me.  Even when it means my whole world has to change.  Even when it means the piece of pie on my plate is humble.

You are welcome here in this place.  We’re going to talk about faith, love, and family.  You are safe here.  I have seen too much damage in others to judge your journey.  It is my sincerest prayer that whatever words he gives me will breathe life and love into you.