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Comment Policy

Welcome to my blog.  I would like you to think of this blog as one big dinner table.  Everyone has been invited to have a seat and take part in the meal.  You are welcome to enjoy it and even constructively criticize the cook (that's me) but you are not allowed to turn the dinner table over.

Only Jesus gets to turn over tables around here; you are not Jesus, just in case you didn't know.

You are encouraged to take part in the meal by sharing your comments and your heart.  However,  if your behavior at the table is poor you will be sent from the table (comments deleted).  If you're downright ugly you will be grounded from my house and sent back to your own home (blocked).  Nobody wants these things, most of all me.

So here's some guidelines to help you understand how to pass the plate:

  • This space is family friendly.  My kids read this blog, so does my momma; she occasionally prints it out for my 87 year old Nana so please watch your mouth.  Anyone using language or having an attitude I wouldn't tolerate from my eight year old won't be allowed to stay.
  • I will respond to all comments publicly.
  • Stay on topic.  Anyone posting links that do not apply to our discussion or trolling for fun will be blocked.  Jesus loves you but I won't put up with that behavior here, take that back to your momma's house.

I hope you'll find this dinner table a place you feel welcome and safe.  I hope you want to hang out on your lunch break or during the car line wait, but more than that I pray you find his love here, living, breathing, truth telling love.

Thanks for stopping by,